Firefox Extensions

uBlock Origin

Blocks bad elements and ressources, like ads, popups asking to allow ads, tracking, malware links, share links...


Fills login forms with Bitwarden data.

Indicate TLS

Displays informations about TLS parameters used for the connection with the website.


Displays informations about IP versions and addresses used for the connection with the website.


Choose which domains are allowed to execute JavaScript.

Dark Reader

Automatic dark theme creator

Midnight Lizard

Automatic dark theme creator, with advanced settings

Firefox Color

Choose Firefox's colors


Firewall for advanced users: choose what type of ressource is allowed from which domain

Cookie AutoDelete

Automatically deletes cookies from non-whitelisted domains

Neat URL

Removes tracking data from URLs


Displays which technologies/softwares are used for the website


Skips sponsored and annoying content from YouTube videos


Redirects YouTube videos to their PeerTube equivalent

Privacy Redirect

Twitter > Nitter, YouTube > Invidious, Instagram > Bibliogram...

Smart Referer

Only send referer HTTP header when necessary